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New resources from our Hidden Homeworkers project

Today we’re publishing two new resources on our website: firstly in our Information for Organisers section, an update from our partners Traidcraft India, who are leading our Hidden Homeworkers project, on the ways in which our local partners in India and Nepal have adapted project activities to respond to the Covid 19 crisis. And secondly, our What does Due Diligence for Supply Chains using homeworkers look like? Factsheet, highlighting the different stages in the journey towards the decent employment of homeworkers, and listing the actions that brands can take to safeguard this vulnerable group of women workers. For the next three years Homeworkers Worldwide can offer brands sourcing apparel and footwear from parts of South Asia additional support to address these issues, through the Hidden Homeworkers project co-funded by the European Union, and specifically opportunities to collaborate with local civil society partners to document homeworkers’ working conditions within your supply chains. Do get in touch to find out more about what is available.

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Jun 15 2020
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