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Shining a light on labour rights abuses in the Tamil Nadu leather footwear industry ..

Peter Williams for HWW is publishing a blog on the Ethical Trading Initiative website today, highlighting the learning from our 2018 Innovations Fund project documenting working conditions in footwear supply chains, both within the factories and for homeworkers stitching leather uppers.

This was carried out in partnership with Cividep India and the Dalit Solidarity Network and two ETI member companies and their respective suppliers, with financial support from the ETI’s Innovation Fund.

The full report, entitled Due Diligence in Tamil nadu leather footwear manufacture, is also available on our website.

HWW is keen to work with other companies sourcing leather footwear from Tamil Nadu; please contact lucy Brill on lucy(at)homeworkersww.org.uk for more information.

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Sep 25 2019
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